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Misty Rose Chamberlain Merck

Misty Rose Chamberlain Merck is a mother of 5 children and a grandmother. She is a practitioner in the Spiritual Healing Arts. She grew up in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area. She now resides in Utah where she practices living in Joy, embracing life with gratitude, having fun with her family, and catching up on her reading list. 

Misty began her journey in the healing arts after her second child was born and she began to experience health ailments. It was on her journey to recover her health that she discovered her spiritual gifts as an Energy Worker. She is a Certified Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, Life Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Level 1 Heart Centered Therapy Practitioner, Spiritual Intuitive, doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Aromatouch Technique Practitioner.

"What if you are the unrepeatable miracle the world is waiting for?

What if your life is the unrepeatable miracle the universe is wanting to love, live, learn and grow through?" ~ Misty

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