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The sun is shining and other reasons to smile!

I don't know what the weather is like in your part of the world, but it's beautiful and sunny here. Almost everything is still brown but there are hints of spring with some green peeking out here and there. I just went out for a walk with my youngest that is still not in school yet. We picked up sticks and played with them. We sang and we talked. It was fun.

There are many things that we do in life every day. But most of everything we do, we do out of necessity or as a means to an end. How often are we taking time to do the things we love that have no purpose other than putting a smile on our face? How often are we stepping out of our routine to do something just for the fun of it?

There are many worthwhile things that we can pursue and this is good. But sometimes we need to take a break and do something just because. It can refuel us for doing those worthwhile pursuits. It can also help us move past some road blocks because we are refreshed and can more easily focus. Work is good and sometimes we have to work hard for an extended period of time. But we must also remember to balance it with the proper amount of rest and the things that rejuvenate us.

Just like a machine that runs on batteries, if you run the batteries dry the whole machine stops working. So take the time to recharge your batteries. Do something today that will bring a smile to your face. Find something that makes you feel like a kid. Whatever you choose, do not worry over details or perfection. Just be in the moment and allow it to be whatever it will be.

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