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There have been many times in my life when I have learned something and it has been life changing. I then begin implementing it into my life. As I do this I begin to see the benefits of it at work in my life. I become excited, happy and grateful for having it. Then as time passes it begins to feel like it isn't quite working anymore or it isn't working in the same way. This leads to some feelings of discouragement and questions of it really working.

Having these kinds of experiences can be confusing especially after seeing such success earlier. I am often left questioning and feeling that things just aren't meant to work out for me. In reality I know this isn't true but when I don't know what's going on or how to explain or fix it, I think we grasp for something because we want answers. We'll even buy into things that aren't true.

I have recently had this experience again. It feels deflating and defeating. Quite frankly I become down right tired of it. It gets frustrating. I feel like I have finally gotten a hold of things and have gotten into the swing of things and wham, it's like someone pulled the rug from under me. And sometimes I'll admit, I have a big old temper tantrum when it happens. I know it's not the best reaction but sometimes it's the only one I feel like at the time.

However, even though this is not what I would like to happen I know that there is a purpose for it. It can take a while for me to figure out what that is. The reason may be that I need to keep doing what I am doing but take it to the next level. Sometimes what we first learn is just a stepping stone to where we really want to be. Sometimes I have become lax and haven't followed through with everything or I am just going through the motions. In any of the different cases I have found one constant that I need regardless of why something is or isn't working. That one thing is commitment.

When we first start something we commit ourselves to doing it. But I don't think that we realize we have to keep committing ourselves every day. You do not just committ yourself once but continually. Every day you have to recommit yourself to all that you committed to in the first place. It is this recommitment that keeps you going, that helps you through the changes and the frustrations. Without this daily recommitment I think we eventually are lead to giving up or failure. With this recommitment we are moved forward, even propelled towards the success we seek.

It can be difficult and there are many reasons why you should just give up but there are just as many reasons to continue. One of the biggest is that yes, you really do want it. So be willing to do everything you can to have it. Commit yourself to it not just the first time but every time. And remember, everything is darkest just before dawn. If it feels dark, too hard, and unbearable then you know it's just around the corner. Hold on and the light will come bringing with it your much desired success.

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