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It Is Worth It

If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking By Emily Dickinson If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain. The reason I write this blog, besides the fact that I love doing it, is because I desire to help others. It is my hope that others who read it will be able to receive something that will help them with the things they face in their life. Maybe there is something that I have experienced or something that I have learned that can make it easier for them. And even though I would love to reach many people, even if it were only one it would not be in vain. If there were only one person who ever found any good to incorporate into their lives from the things that I have written and shared it would be worth it. Too often we go through life thinking that in order to do good, contribute, or succeed it must be on some grand scale. When in reality it doesn't have to be grand, large, or on a big scale; it just has to be. The things that we do in this life may not mean much to the world but it can mean the world to the one we do it for. How many times has someone done something just for you and it meant everything to you? Or how many times have you done something just for one person and saw that it meant everything to them? The things we do for one can be more powerful than we realize with greater far reaching effects than we think. When going about your day, do not discount the things you do or talk yourself out of doing them because they are small or just for one person. Appreciate the good qualities in yourself for being inspired to do them and then bless your life and the lives of others by taking action and doing them. Being able to see a need and having a desire to fill that need speaks volumes about the person you are. Be grateful for the attributes that represents in you. Know that the little acts of goodness you share and spread not only bless yourself and the individual you help but it also affects the lives of everyone. We are all connected and are influenced by the deeds of others. If those deeds are good ones you influence all for good. So know that there are no small acts and when we help one, we help all. All the good you do is not in vain and it is well worth it. It is through these small acts that you help to change the world.

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