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Being Enough

I have this really cool demonstration I want to share with you. The demonstration involves a clear glass jar, a shallow bowl, water, rocks, and a change in perception. If I were more technically savvy I would make a video of it and put it in this article so you could watch it. Unfortunately I haven't learned how to do that yet so we're going to have to make do with me describing it. Hopefully I will do a good enough job so that you can understand it. For those of you who are visually inclined, you can get the before mentioned items and try it for yourself as I describe it. Take a clear glass jar and place it in a shallow bowl that allows you to see most of the jar above the rim of the bowl. Fill the glass jar until water just begins to overflow. This ensures that the jar is completely full. The bowl will catch the overflow. The rocks you use will need to be able to fit into the jar, about the size of ice cubes will due. Now you are ready for the demonstration. Looking at your jar of water, I believe we can agree that the jar is full. Take a rock and place it into the jar of water. What you will notice is that as the rock enters the jar some water will overflow from the jar. The jar is already completely full. When you add the rock the jar does not become any fuller. What happens is merely an exchange; you trade water for the rock. The jar is just as full as it was before; you have simply exchanged the content of what is inside. No matter how many rocks you add to the jar it cannot be any fuller than it already is, you can only change the content of what is inside. Now comes the change in perception. Are you ready? You are like this jar. When you were born you came into this world clean and clear. You also came into this world being enough. You are not here to be enough or prove your enoughness, you are simply here to create the content of the person you desire to be. Just as you exchanged the water for the rock, so are you exchanging the content of who you are through everything you choose to partake of. Whatever you partake of be it person, place, thing, thought, or emotion; whatever you take in becomes a part of creating the content of who you are. Your being enough is the gift that was given to you by the one who created you. To me this is God my Heavenly Father. I listened to a woman on Dr. Wayne Dyer's show "Wishes Fulfilled" speak about her near death experience. She said when she died she realized that we were not separate but that everyone was connected. She said we were all facets of one. I believe that each of us is a facet, an expression of God. We are of God and God is in us. It is this that makes us enough. Genesis 1:27 says, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him." Take a dandelion that has turned into a white fuzz ball. When you blow off one of the seeds you will notice that it looks like a miniature of the plant that it came from. Look at a child. A child has received the DNA of its parents when it is created. There isn't anything a child has to do to receive the DNA. There isn't anything the child has to give, accept, be, or prove to have the DNA. It is simply theirs, something that is willing given to them by their parents. And so it is for us. There isn't anything we have to give, accept, be, or prove in order to be enough. We just are because God has made it so. What we are here to do is create the person He knows we can become. We are to take all of the gifts, talents, and blessings He has given to us as unique individuals and make in us a person who can live in His presence. Trying to be enough, prove our enoughness, or feel worthy of being enough is merely a distraction from developing the content we truly desire in us and our lives. The clothes we wear, the car we drive, the house we live in, the job we have, and the friends we keep do not make us enough or help us become enough. Just as with the jar of water nothing we add will make us more enough. We are enough just by being us. These things do not make us enough but they do help to create the person we are. The things we choose to partake of either help us to be in alignment with God or not, nothing more. Trying to be enough in the eyes of the world is never satisfying because you are already enough. It is a hollow victory. It is like trying to pay twice for something you have already bought. So you can fill your jar with trash or you can fill it with treasure, the choice is yours. How does knowing that you are enough change the way that you look at yourself and your life? Are there other things you could be doing with your time, energy, and resources that can truly bring you happiness? When you are ready to accept this; start thinking about who you really want to be because being enough isn't something you have to worry over.

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