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I was rummaging around looking for something and in the process came across something else that I had completely forgotten about. It is a plastic card about the size of a credit card with a poem on it. I bought it years ago because I really loved what it said. I am glad I still have it and even more glad that I can still learn from it and share it with you today. Instead Instead of fretting over those things you cannot control Resolve to accept that which is Let tranquility be your goal Instead of feeling sorry when a close relationship ends Go out and revel in the true joy of being among your friends Instead of feelings that in life's chain you are just another link Realize that your future is unbounded For you have the ability to think Instead of always griping about that which you have not Why not say a prayer each day to God for what you've got By Spiritan Arts Every day is filled with choices. How the day goes for us is determined by those choices. The choices we make are dictated by the perspective we decide to have. If you want to see "unfair" you will find it everywhere if that is what you choose to focus on. If you want to see "abundance" you will be able to find that too when you choose to focus your thoughts on gratitude. Every day is guided by the attitude we pick up in the morning and lay to rest at night. If you want a different kind of day tomorrow take the time to think about the attitude you will carry with you. It is your constant companion and decides the outcome of the way you will perceive your day.

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