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Never Give Up When Everyone Says No

I watched a video clip about a man who didn't give up on himself when the world told him, "No, you can't do it." There are many people, opportunities, situations, and circumstances in the world that are more than willing to tell us, "No, you can't do it. It's not possible." When this happens we have a choice; we can believe them and give up or we can believe in ourselves and keep pressing forward believing there is a way. Every one of us has and will continue to face these kinds of challenges in our lives. They will always be there, they will never go away. It isn't really the challenge in whatever shape it may come that matters. What matters is what we decide to do after it arrives. Do you give up and give in or do you go on never giving up on yourself and your dreams. The choices you make in these circumstances are the choices that will determine who you are and the quality of life you have. So please take a moment and watch this video clip and think on the questions I have asked you today. Maybe they will help give you the strength to keep going on when it is tempting to give up.

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